File-based CMS (2003)

Lowtech simple site design and text-based CMS with admin functions

Spring 2003


I worked with James, the hands-on supremo of Lowtech on designing and developing a new website for the various brands of Lowtech.

At the time they had from 2 sites ( and one representing their workshop location and the other representing their recycling and techno artistry. James wanted to create 4 distinct parts to his business: learning, recycling, art and getting involved. These became the 4 parts of!

I created a simple design and modified some PHP that I had used for another site to make a file-based storage system for the lists of links on some of the pages like the access spacers page and this list of events.

While the PHP application has been modified and added to since then I created a system that allowed them to not only add and remove links in the list and edit list items, but also rearrange the order of the list. Each entry was a text file that had a certain number of lines, each line represented what would be a different column in a database. I loved working on this project because it was one of my first contracts as a freelance developer for a professional business.

Some of my projects have been lost or redeveloped over the years but so far this one is pretty close to how I left it which makes me very proud.