Now that we’re more than halfway through the year it must be time for another update!

I’ve moved the WordPress Plugin “Post Volume Stats” to it’s own page. It is a plugin to show blog authors their posting patterns (days of the week, months of the year, hours of the day, days of the month and posts-per-year) in the admin area of their blog and also shows the most popular categories and tags they have used. It works best on a computer screen but it is mobile-friendly.

I’ve also added a Contact Me page for feedback for the plugin and general correspondence.

The graph of how GBP is doing against the US Dollar, Chinese Yuan and the Euro is now here. It takes data in JSON format and makes a dynamic SVG graph out of it. It is dynamic because the size of the graph and the amount of data read depends on the size of the viewer’s screen.

There is also a 7-day weather forecast for Sheffield, UK here, also from JSON.

A lot of these projects have been added to my Github page along with some much older code.

Future Work

I have some exciting projects to work on, that I may well post about in the future, plus there is always functionality I can add to the plugin and general maintenance to do.

I’m focusing on simple websites that scale down for mobile devices. Also, I’ve been doing some work with APIs, using XML and JSON. At the same time I’m working on some mobile apps for android. Also, doing the usual work for clients.

I’ve been putting some tests and experiments on this website: exp-sd.com. There should be some newer tests posted there soon.

We’ve also just added a new Shortdark logo to the header by Gillian Ludlow.

Trying to learn something new every day, whether that be technical for work, or whether it’s to do with health/nutrition, or something else.

This website hasn’t been updated for a long time so I’ve just updated it and done a little spring cleaning. I’d like to do a little bt on this website every month or so. The same goes for updating the other Shortdark sites so that they look more current, and adding stuff to social media.

I’ve just been moving things around. I don’t update the portfolio very often so that’s moved from the main blog to being a side-section in the navbar. I’m thinking that the main blog could be an area for when I have something vaguely work-related to say.

Having been busy with work, like the bug in the rug, I’ve started to kick myself into action and copy Google’s 20% rule by improving my knowledge and learning new things for a proportion of the day. Like the 20% rule I tend to be end-product-focused in that I’ll think of something it’d be good to see if I can develop then I’ll research what I need to know in order to make it happen, thus learning new things.

I’m currently learning Linux administration so that I can move an older website that is having technical difficulties on it’s current managed hosting onto the new HAAS that I control. The tests I’ve done so far have looked very promising indeed so I can’t wait to finish off making sure I know roughly how to do everything and get the website moved over.

The flavour of Linux is Ubuntu 13.10, however I don’t believe this is one of the major releases with long-term support so I may close this one down and start with the 14.04 version when it is released next month (April 2014).