I’ve just been moving things around. I don’t update the portfolio very often so that’s moved from the main blog to being a side-section in the navbar. I’m thinking that the main blog could be an area for when I have something vaguely work-related to say.

Having been busy with work, like the bug in the rug, I’ve started to kick myself into action and copy Google’s 20% rule by improving my knowledge and learning new things for a proportion of the day. Like the 20% rule I tend to be end-product-focused in that I’ll think of something it’d be good to see if I can develop then I’ll research what I need to know in order to make it happen, thus learning new things.

I’m currently learning Linux administration so that I can move an older website that is having technical difficulties on it’s current managed hosting onto the new HAAS that I control. The tests I’ve done so far have looked very promising indeed so I can’t wait to finish off making sure I know roughly how to do everything and get the website moved over.

The flavour of Linux is Ubuntu 13.10, however I don’t believe this is one of the major releases with long-term support so I may close this one down and start with the 14.04 version when it is released next month (April 2014).