Selective Portfolio

As a self-employed PHP developer I have made roughly 30 CMS websites for clients between 2006 and 2014. These websites have all been written in OOP PHP.

“Can do” attitude

I communicate with the client to see how they need the website to work. Often I’ve built similar websites before so I can use those experiences to deliver the best outcomes. The vast majority of websites I make are “CMS” websites where non-technical people have the ability to update the websites themselves without doing any coding.

I have a broad knowledge of web programming and what is possible with LAMP. On a daily basis I tend to use PHP/MySQL, HTML, CSS, AJAX and javascript/jQuery on a managed Linux/Apache server. I have recently started to set up my own Linux server on AWS and that is going well, so far. In the past, and whenever needed I have used ASP, Flash (inc. actionscript) and XML. While working on websites others have created I’ve worked on everything from “inline” to CodeIgniter. Love to learn new things and improve on what I already know.